Cargo Care Poland Sp. z o.o.

The combination of close relationship with Client and a complete financial independence of our company along with an elastic approach toward business form a reliable basis for having a high rank on the transporting market and guarantee a long and fruitful cooperation with our clients.

Our mission:

"Long-term relationship with our Clients is the most important factor of our business."

Solutions proposed by us are aimed at bringing the financial benefit to our Client as well as guaranteeing the optimization of logistic processes through constant supervision over transport and constant search for more and more optimal transporting and logistics solutions.

We achieve our goals thanks to a team of experienced professionals, whose specialization in different fields of transport and logistics and great experience harmonizes with proactive attitude towards Clients.

Extensive offer guarantees solutions that enable our Clients to concentrate on their basic business activities.

The quality of our service

Our main goal is to offer services of the highest quality. That is why we act basing on strictly set and written procedures concerning all processes starting from offer making up to sending the invoices.

The level of quality of our service is appreciated by our Clients and is a source of their satisfaction - that results in their trust in our company.

Our good points

  1. We provide a complex freight service. A dedicated expert takes care of each and every Client of ours offering his knowledge and experience.
  2. We are a polish company, we know the realities of polish market and we are able to answer to them quickly.
  3. We are an independent company which enables us to make flexible and high quality decisions.
  4. We offer a complex system of solutions, not just simple services, by which we are able to better adjust to Client's needs.



Certyfikaty i referencje

Certyfikat ISO 9001:2008